Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mighty Orbots!

Way back in 1984 I was crazy for robots of any size or shape and a show called The Mighty Orbots was just perfect for me.

The show was a little silly but I was an 8 year old kid  and loved everything about it.My favorite character was a really fat robot named  Crunch who loved to eat and I would always pretend to be him when my friends got together to play.

From the very moment I saw this show I wanted toys for it but many trips to the local kmart and toys r us never turned up anything (well one of those trips I acquired my first Froggacuda but that a story for another day ).Now 28 years later I have discovered that Mattel had plans to release a toy line for the Orbots but in never happed . I can now look at what wold surely have been beloved playthings in my memory if only they had made it to the toy shelves .  

They don't look much like the Orbots but as a child Im sure if a picture from the cartoon was on the package it would have been good enough for me.

1 comment:

  1. Been trying to remember what this show was called for years now. XD


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