Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little ugly robot thing.

What is he? where did he come from?What does he want ? I dont know.Your guess is as good as mine.

What I do know is he is a strange deformed little guy who spends his time hanging out with these unsavory fellows.

The turtle crab aliens dont seem to mind his ugliness .


  1. HEY! You're blogging! Now you're officially an ambassador of geekdom! I've always enjoyed your comments on my blog (and even back when I was doing the Action Figures site), so I'm so happy to see that you're adding your voice to the mix. Now to just JOIN THE DORK HORDE! ;)

  2. Yep! I took your advice and started a blog of my very own.Hopefully I can live up to the standards of the pantheon of geekery.I appreciate your support and as soon as I find my black hoodie Ill apply for membership in the horde!

  3. Cool site you've got here!

    I've got a post that has more info on where that robot's from:

  4. Thanks and holy crom !I need to find a bag of those guys now.I first posted that robot pic over at toypedia when they didnt know where these guys came from.I just thought it would remain a mystery.


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