Tuesday, June 5, 2012

League of Extraordinary Bloggers Top 10 Movie List

 I thought Id  join in on the fun with the League of Extraordinary Bloggers over at cool and collected  this week and post my top 10 movie list. So without further ado my top  10 list in a somewhat loose order and with no explanation as to why they made my list.

10.Youth without youth  

9.Big Man Japan


7.Let the right one in

6.The Goonies


4.Summer Wars

3.Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

2.Dead Man


well thats my list .A good 20 or so other movies just missed making the list and putting them in order was a little tough but I think it came out pretty good,
Checkout more League top 10 movie lists at : 
and all the rest over at cool and collected.


  1. I love Deadman for the stillness that Jarmusch achieved, especially with Depp. I miss quiet and curious Depp in flicks. PomPoko was fun, but what was up with the giant raccoon testicles? It's probably some sort of Japanese mythology, but it was weird.

    This is a really fun list. Let the Right One In is one of those films that I keep going back to and keeps inching it's way up to the top of my favorite horror films...

  2. I know what you mean about Depp ,I find myself rating his later movies against Edward Scissorhands a lot of the time. With PomPoko it is a Japanese thing ,They are tanukis that are always depicted withe huge testicles.Let the right one in is always on my top list but funny thing Let me in isn't.They are basically the same movie but so different in style.And thanks Im glad you enjoyed the list :)

  3. I gotta say I'm sold on Deadman just from that picture. That will be put in the list to watch!

  4. Its defiantly worth watching ,I dont think you will be disappointed.

  5. Yep, haven't heard of a lot of those! Welcome to the League and great blog name!

  6. yea some of them are a little obscure but Im pretty sure netflix has them all if you wanted to check any of them out.thanks ,Nothing brings back memory's of summers long past like neon green plastic.

  7. Great list. Diffrent movies you wouldnt see on any other list.

  8. thanks. It seems like the only movie from my list to make it onto any of the other lists is The Goonies.

  9. Great catch on the Jarmusch flick. I totally dug Deadman too, along with Mystery Train. But I had other flicks on my mind when I did my Top 10 so they got buried. I've gotta see some of your other ones! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow I hadn't thought about the ghost Elvis movie in a long time,Thanks for reminding me.I thought Ghost dog was also pretty good.


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