Thursday, June 14, 2012

Junky little haul

I received  a  few well played with Insecticons in the mail today.All are damaged in one way or another but Im making them my little restoration project. these are  Shrapnel   Bombshell  Chop Shop  Ransack

 and the real prize out of the lot a beat up broken beetras  BEET GADOL

 Most of the parts from this Beedra are used in my holy grail Ladybug.
I only paid 4 bucks for all of  them .It should be  fun watching for other trashed out insecticons to use as parts to restore these guys,


  1. Looking forward to seeing these all restored.

  2. me to but I figure it will be years in the making lol

  3. For four bucks thats a nice haul..I'd take that all day long !!

    1. I thought it was a steal ! My wife on the other hand thought the seller got the better end of the deal lol


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